Humans are wiping out species a thousand times faster than nature can create new ones

I took my 5 Year old daughter to the Natural history museum in Kensington today. I watched her eyes well up with genuine tears of sadness as I explained why some of the stuffed animals we where looking at from the last few centuries had died out due to mankinds involvement. Her response was a righteous anger “I’m going to stop those bad people Daddy…” I felt so proud and so sad. She may help animals one day but I fear that all to often our childrens passion for the natural world is belittled as they grow older and seek seemingly more ‘mature pursuits’ This breaks my heart. I can’t think of anything I’d be more proud to see my kids doing than caring for and preserving what is left of this beautiful planet.


Original sin




Just so we’re clear, THE SINGLE most terrible doctrine in Christianity is that of original sin. Implying that children are evil, enemies of God, fundamentally sinfull from birth and unredeemable unless picked as part of God’s ‘elect’ (which might I remind you is a tiny minority of humans past, present and future). My kids, by their actions and affection prove everyday without fail that they are better, purer and more innocent than the most sanctified, mature, spirit filled born again bullshit artist. Sorry. I get really pissed off about this one!  Continue reading

Why I Haven’t Lost “Faith” With Humanity

‘People care less about whether or not the person is family, and they care more and more that the person is human. We really are becoming a global community. I think this is wonderful’

This is so true and an important to remember with the current (partly justified) doom-mongering pushed upon us. This post is a reminder of the amazing progress we’ve made internationally despite the persistent prejudices of the major religions working against common secular consensus.


I keep reading about how bad everything is. And how the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Part of me is inclined to agree, but most of me wonders what they’re seeing that I’m missing. To me, the world looks pretty good. So I’ve decided to write a post about why I haven’t lost “faith” with humanity.

Before I go on, I should address the quotations around the word “faith.” This version of the word faith is not the same as the word used in religious contexts. This is merely an easier way of saying “I believe that humans are mostly good.” And I am now going to provide my evidence to support my belief.

A lot has been happening lately that is absolutely terrible. Watching the news paints a terrifying picture of the world. First there is the issues in Ukraine. Many people have suggested that…

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I lost faith and found hope.

‘If you knew what would happen
And made us just the same
Then you, my lord, can take the blame’    

                     David Bazan – When we fell


Lots of people lose faith. I certainly do not have any unique insight to offer on matters of theology or church politics. I do however, have a journey. It’s other peoples stories (mostly read about online via blogs and forums) that have given me hope of a positive and fulfilling post religious future.  I am only  taking the first steps in my journey, but I hope that if  just one person who his caught in the deep anguish of battling ingrained christian doctrines is able to draw some salve from my experience then that is a good and worthwhile thing.

Also, I have always liked the idea of writing a blog but never felt I had something worthy to bring! I guess I have a perfectionist side to me that requires if I do something, I want to do it well. But I’ve come to realise that this is not my aim here. I’m more concerned with having a place to explain myself  honestly without fear or confine. If people are interested, great!

I love music, my wife and children, cycling, comedy and books. I have a passing interest in current affairs – all of which i hope to touch on as I share in future posts.

I live with my family in south London UK and work as a carpentry foreman. I might even get really boring and blog about tools….